10. The District/ School employs highly qualified, licensed special education personnel that demonstrates expertise in working with students with IEPs. 

a. Staff hold full credentials/licensure and advanced degrees in content

b. Staff roles and responsibilities are clearly defined and implemented.

c. All staff working with students with IEPs are knowledgeable about their
responsibilities in implementing the individualized education programs

d. Staff collaborate with specialized instructional support personnel as
specified in a student’s IEP or as needed.

e. All staff working with students with IEPs share and communicate common
instructional outcomes.

f. There are systems in place that provide para-educators with instructional
plans, training, and the necessary information to successfully support
students with IEPs (e.g., disability-specific, IEP goals and objectives,

g. Fading para-educator support is pre-planned and outlined in a student’s

h. All staff involved with students are trained in nonviolent crisis
intervention techniques and district/school policy for the use of restraint
and time out including the reporting procedure.

Download only the Educator Quality portion of the tool below:

Educator Quality Tool