9. The District/School plans for the health, safety, and well-being of students with IEPs. 

a. Staff and administration receive specialized training in how to respond to
mental health issues, including how to respond in non-academic settings
and/or during out-of-school time.

b. A health care plan is written for all students with documented
medical/health care needs.

c. All staff working with students with health care plans are trained,
understand the content of the plan, and their role in implementation.

d. District/Building safety/emergency plans are developed to address the
safety needs of all students and staff in the building.

e. District/Building safety/emergency plans include the special needs of
students and staff (e.g., evacuation plan for a second-story classroom for
a student who uses a wheelchair with route, equipment, and designated

f. Students with special needs participate in all practice sessions for
safety/emergency situations including drills for fire, tornado, evacuation,
and lockdown, etc.

Download only the Health and Safety portion of the tool below:

Health and Safety Tool