1. The District/School establishes a culture of shared leadership teamwork, and collaboration focusing on continuous improvement.

a. Special education staff are represented on district and building leadership teams.

b. A continuous improvement plan that aligns with the district/school goals is developed and implemented.

c. A professional learning plan that aligns with the continuous improvement plan is developed and meets the needs of the staff.

d. District/School leadership and all-district/school staff develop and
communicate a common vision for specialized instruction in an ongoing and consistent manner.

e. Leadership proactively tracks and analyzes special education data. 

f. There are district and building specific goals inclusive of students with IEPs.

g. District/School leaders allocate human and financial resources to support scheduling and planning time to ensure all students receive rigorous and appropriate instruction throughout the continuum of special education programs and services.

h. Follow-up and support for the implementation of new initiatives or programs and maintenance of established programs are evident.

i. District/School leaders promote an atmosphere conducive to increasing the achievement of students with IEPs.

j. District/School leaders understand and support programs for struggling learners. 

k. A comprehensive coordinated program (literacy, math, behavior/SEL) for students with IEPs exists and is implemented with fidelity. 

l. District/School leaders ensure that curriculum, instruction, and assessment expectations are communicated to staff and students. 

Download only the Leadership portion of the tool below:

Leadership Tool