12. The District/School allocates finances and resources necessary and appropriate for the provision of equitable services for students with IEPs. 

a. The district/school provides adequate resources to support key initiatives.

b. Grant expenditures reflect excess costs necessary to provide equitable

services to students with IEPs.

c. Administrators take proactive steps to coordinate and identify funding for

special education programs and services within the larger school budget.

d. Funding for special education is understood to be an integral part of the

whole school budget.

e. The district/school has a fiscally responsible process to determine if

special education services, supports, and program outcomes match the

intended purpose of the expenditure.

f. The district/school maximizes special education revenues.

g. The district/school ensures that all purchases are completed in a cost

effective manner.

h. Each building allocates and leverages available resources (e.g. funding,

personnel, time, facilities, technology) to respond to the needs of

student’s with IEPs.

Download only the Resource Allocation portion of the tool below:

Resource Allocation Tool