11. The District/School is in compliance with federal and state-identified indicators/mandates. 

a. Educators use the full continuum of services to ensure that students with
IEPs are educated in the least restrictive environment.

b. Staff proactively track special education data and monitor for equity.

c. The district/school conducts ongoing review of programs and services
and, where needed, implement reform to ensure alignment with
department and district/school goals.

d. The district/school engages strategically with federal and state agencies,
cooperatives, other local entities, grantees and outside organizations to
assure that the needs of student’s with IEPs are met.

e. Facilities of the school district, special education cooperatives, or joint
agreements used for special education services shall be comparable to
those provided to the students in the general education environment.

f. Systematic procedures for identifying and evaluating the provision and
need for special education and related services is in place.

g. The district/school understands and implements special education
policies, laws and regulations with integrity, fairness and in an ethical

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Accountability Tool