2. The District/School implements a multi-tiered system of supports that integrates academic, behavior, and social-emotional instruction and intervention. 

a. Educators collect and analyze data to identify individual students in need
of additional supports and services.

b. Evidence-based interventions are provided in a timely manner to students needing more support and programming.

c. Progress monitoring data are collected and inform decisions about the effectiveness and/or need for modification to tiered based interventions/programs/practices/instruction/eligibility.

d. A problem-solving process is in place for students with IEPs.

e. Interventions are developed and implemented based on data.

f. Educators actively engage families in MTSS.

g. Documented intervention plans are developed based on verified reasons
why students are not meeting expectations.

h. A three-tiered model of instruction/intervention is clearly defined across
content areas, behavior/social-emotional domains, and grade levels.

i. Data on the fidelity of MTSS implementation are collected and analyzed.

j. Data-based problem solving is utilized for students across content areas,
behavior/social-emotional domains, and grade levels.

k. Decision-making guidelines are developed and utilized by problem-solving
teams at all tiers.

Download only the Multi-Tiered System of Supports portion of the tool below:

Multi-Tiered System of Supports Tool