7. The District/School Establishes Family and Community Partnerships that Facilitate the development of students with IEPs. 

a. Families and community representatives are included in the district and school continuous improvement planning. 

b. Parents/Guardians actively participate in the development of their child/young adult's IEP.

c. Families and students are respected as essential team members. 

d. Parents understand what their child is expected to know and be able to
do based on their individual needs.

e. Parents and educators actively discuss the educational needs of the
student on an ongoing basis.

f. Parents have the information they need about effective strategies to
support their child’s/young adult’s learning.

g. Parents have the information they need to support their young adult with transition from school to post-school activities.

h. Families, community providers, and school staff work together to ensure students with IEPs have appropriate individual transition plans in place.

i. Parent input and needs are collected through a variety of data-collection

j. The district/school leaders work to sustain collaborative relationships
with parents and community organizations to ensure that they are active
members in the special education process including providing training on
identified topics, as needed.

Download only the Family and Community Partnerships portion of the tool below:

Family and Community Partnerships Tool