4. The District/School provides high-quality, inclusive programs, and activities in a positive learning environment.  

a. Special and general education teachers engage in intentional,
collaborative lesson planning to meet the needs of each student with an IEP.

b. The needs of the students are the primary consideration in the
configuration of special education programs and services to be provided to students with IEPs.

c. Special and general education staff and administration demonstrate a high level of knowledge about implementing effective programs for students with IEPs.

d. Students with IEPs in inclusive settings are provided the accommodations and explicit, specially designed instruction needed to progress in the curriculum.

e. Students participate in the general education environment including
curriculum and instruction, assessment, and social activities based on
individual student needs.

f. All students have access to field trips and extra-curricular activities, with
supports as needed.

g. The district/school supports the inclusion of all students by providing the
whole educational community with training and ongoing assistance to
support an inclusive environment.

h. Students are educated with their non-disabled peers in the Least
Restrictive Environment (LRE) to the maximum extent possible as
determined by the IEP team.

i. Environmental access allows students with physical disabilities and/or
sensory needs to participate in all activities.

j. High expectations for all students are clearly articulated and defined.

k. Programs are in place to help students make successful transitions of all
types including but not limited to:

  • home to school
  • school system to school system
  • class to class
  • program to program
  • building to building
  • school to postsecondary

Download only the Learning Environment portion of the tool below:

Learning Environment Tool